Olympic athletes arrive at Calgary airport

Cheers greeted Olympic athletes who arrived at the Calgary airport to a large crowd of fans.

Fans greet Canadian athletes returning from Sochi

It was one of the best stories of the Olympics, and now the speed skaters are home to share it. 5:33

Cheers greeted Olympic athletes who arrived at the Calgary airport to a large crowd of fans.

Approximately 30 Canadian athletes landed in the city's airport on Tuesday, where a large crowd waited to celebrate their achievements, even offering up a red-and-white "Welcome Home" cake.

A red-and-white "Welcome Home" cake was made for the dozens of Olympic athletes arriving at the Calgary airport Tuesday. (Bryan Labby/CBC)

Among the arriving athletes were Calgary's Gilmore Junio and silver medal winner Denny Morrison.

Junio gave up his spot in the 1000-metre speed skating final for Morrison, who had fallen during the qualifying trials and failed to make the team. Morrison went on to win a silver medal in that event.

The teammates stood side-by-side Tuesday while interviewers asked them about the attention surrounding Junio's decision.

"When it kind of blew up and people started messaging me and Denny, it was pretty incredible and definitely appreciated," Junio said.

“This guy is one of the greatest guys in the world," added Morrison. "He does things like this all the time.… It’s neat that he is finally getting attention for being such a great guy.”

Athletes arrived Monday night

Several athletes also arrived in Calgary Monday night to shouts and applause, including gold medal bobsled racer Kaillie Humphries.

Kaillie Humphries arrived at the Calgary Airport Monday night to cheering fans and family members. (CBC)

Humphries says she is currently focusing on enjoying the win and will decide in the next few months whether to go for a third gold in 2018.

"It seems like a big task and I know it's going to be even bigger to defend. I definitely am not going to go in unless I know that I'm putting every ounce of everything I have back into it, because that's what it takes," she said.

"Being able to be home now, being able to share the gold medal with the city and the country, and really just being in a comfortable environment. It feels really amazing." 

Calgary is the hometown of 28 athletes who travelled to Sochi for the Winter Olympics, while even more call the surrounding towns of Banff, Canmore, Airdrie and Cochrane home.

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