Alberta economic downturn: Everything old is new again

The story aired in January 1987, but putting fashion and film quality aside, this news report on the struggling Alberta economy is just as relevant today as it was three decades ago.

TBT: It's time for a little oil price déjà vu from 1987

Crude is slowly recovering from a drastic plummet. Calgary companies have laid off swaths of their payroll. OPEC has just struck a shaky deal. The oil situation in 1987 mirrors that of 2017. 1:06

OPEC has reached a deal, but no one is sure it will hold.

Europe is in a deep freeze, which has slightly boosted the price of oil.

Crude prices have recently climbed, but Calgary companies are cautiously mulling whether to invest in new jobs this year. 

It's January 1987, 30 years ago this week — and everything old is new again.

Check out this video from our vaults.

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