Occupy supporter said he was fired for protesting

Claiming he didn't miss any work, a supporter of Occupy Calgary said he was fired because of his involvement with the protest.

Calgary man plans to launch legal action after losing his job

A supporter of Occupy Calgary claims he was fired because of his involvement with the protest.

Marcus Arseneault says he was working at a coffee shop at Mount Royal University until he received an email from his employer.

"It is with sincere regret that I must inform you that your employment with Sodexo as a Coffee Barista will be terminated immediately," stated the email, which left Arseneault in shock.

"We cannot have your involvement reflect the company in any way, shape or form."

The email even states Arseneault was not fired because the company was unhappy with his performance, saying "you have been a wonderful contribution to the Sodexo team unfortunately due to your involvement in Occupy Calgary we do have to let you go."

"I was a good worker," he said. "I showed up, I did my job exceeding standards. Customers were always praising me."

What confuses Arsenault is how his former employer knew that he was a supporter of Occupy Calgary. 

He says he never talked about the protest while working.

Arseneault did say he was running technical support for the protesters who attended a City Hall meeting Monday by holding a mic for a cameraman, which led to his picture being shown in the media.

Arseneault's former boss Elric Nielsen denies that he sent out any email stating that he was being let go because of his Occupy Calgary involvement, but did confirm Arseneault was let go.

Officials with Sodexo were unavailable for comment.

Arseneault is considering legal action and plans to contact the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

He said he was only employed for six weeks, so still under probation, but was not taking time out of work to protest.

Arseneault said he got involved because he is concerned about income inequality. While he took part in all the demonstrations, he did not camp with other protesters who pitched tents at two downtown locations.