Occupy Calgary camp shrinks after police sweep

Bylaw officers moved in late Monday night to remove several unoccupied tents at the Occupy Calgary encampment at Olympic Plaza.

Mayor says time for negotiations has now passed

Bylaw officers moved in late Monday night to remove several unoccupied tents at the Occupy Calgary encampment at Olympic Plaza.

And Mayor Naheed Nenshi said on Tuesday the city will no longer negotiate with the protesters.

"When you're negotiating with someone whose response to your negotiation is 'I'm going to light this on fire', you know that there's no point in negotiating any more," he said.

Court action to remove the remaining tents will be the city's next move, he added.

Calgary police officers were on hand during the removal operation, which went peacefully, said Duty Insp. Craig Skelton.

"The police were present while bylaw entered Olympic Plaza to keep the peace and to ensure the safety and security of not only the bylaw officers but members of the public," he said.

City officials said 32 "unoccupied tents or structures" were removed from the plaza in the operation, which began at 11:30 p.m. MT.

"Urgent: Occupy Calgary being evicted right now from Olympic Plaza, people and cameras needed, please help!," said a post on the Occupy Calgary Facebook page late Monday night.

Bylaw officers issued 20 summons to protesters, requiring them to appear before a judge who will determine a penalty, the city said.

About 10 tents remained in the park on Tuesday morning, including the protesters’ main assembly tent, said CBC News reporter Bal Brach.

"The camp looks sizeably smaller from where it has been," she said.

Protester Sarah Scout said the officers also removed many items — such as books and blankets — that had been donated by members of the public.

"This action is being taken as part of the graduated enforcement policy to ensure that parks are accessible to all Calgarians," the city said in a written release.