Rachel Notley, Brad Wall trade more jabs over budget philosophy

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley was asked whether there was anything in the Saskatchewan budget that she would never do. Her response? "Almost everything."

Alberta premier says Saskatchewan government is engaging in short-term thinking

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, left, and Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall are trading barbs again over their respective handling of the economy. (CBC)

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall continue to take jabs at one another over their provincial budgets.

Notley's government tabled a budget this month that relies on economic growth to reach balance in six years, while Wall's budget boosts the provincial sales tax and cuts spending with the aim of doing it in three.

Notley was asked Monday whether there is anything in the Saskatchewan budget that she would never do and her response was: "Almost everything."

She used Wall's cuts to post-secondary education as an example of short-term thinking that will pinch off economic growth.

On the weekend, Wall took to Twitter to say he wasn't about to take budgeting advice from Notley and the Alberta NDP.

Notley says she's talking about the Saskatchewan budget because she believes the opposition parties in Alberta are fans of Wall and she wants Albertans to see what Wall's budget is all about.