New tracks from Matt Patershuk, Jocelyn Alice, Hello Moth and Nice Horse

Find out why Matt Patershuk's third album sounds so good; follow the career trajectory of Calgary's Jocelyn Alice as she tackles the U.S. market on her new record label; and get a preview of a genre-bending show with artists from Edmonton and Calgary Oct. 19 at The Nite Owl.

Hear the stories behind some great new releases on this week's Key of A

Calgary electronica artist Hello Moth released his EP Nebula Songs Oct. 13, 2017. (Kenneth Locke)

This week, you get to experience the kind of magic that can happen when you put the right musicians together in the right space, and let them play.

That's what producer Steve Dawson did for Matt Patershuk for his brand new third album, Same ​As I Ever Have Been. (If you're in Calgary, you can hear Matt Patershuk play his new songs live at several venues over the next few days during Wide Cut Weekend.)

Who says puns are just for the guys? The four very smart women behind the new country outfit Nice Horse aren't afraid to Pony Up on their new high energy, occasionally angry full-length debut There Goes the Neighbourhood (say that out loud to get the pun — a nice follow up to their debut EP A Little Unstable.) 

Calgary-based country outfit Nice Horse has released a debut album called There Goes the Neighbourhood. (Matt Barnes)

Find out why they're in the running for this year's six figure money prize at Project Wild.

And preview a mixed-genre Calgary-Edmonton bill happening next week at the Nite Owl. It features:

Plus, follow Calgary's Jocelyn Alice onto her new U.S. record label Disruptor Records (a joint venture with Sony Music) and hear her "feeling like Wonder Woman" on I'm On Somethin' — a new track with BRKLYN — she says was "just beggin' to be written." Check it out below.

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