New Lethbridge boutique offers unique opportunity to local artisans and entrepreneurs

Purple Hippo Boutique is trying to meet the needs of local market vendors and artisans with its unique store concept.

Purple Hippo Boutique marries market-style vendors with a brick and mortar store

Kacie Dyck, owner of The Purple Hippo Boutique, is hoping her store will offer local market vendors a year-round place to sell their wares. (Lucie Edwardson/CBC)

 A new Lethbridge boutique is trying to meet the needs of local market vendors and artisans with its unique store concept.

Lethbridge artist Kacie Dyck said she noticed a need for a year-round market for handmade vendors in the city and decided to take matters into her own hands.

She just opened the Purple Hippo Boutique last weekend, but the store is already filled with locally crafted wares from dozens of local artisans and entrepreneurs.

"We rented this space and for a month you can purchase a spot from me, bring your wares in, your products and I will sell it for you," she said. "So you have no need to be here, you don't need to find a babysitter, you don't need to take time off work."

Dyck said although there are lots of markets in Lethbridge, vendors can't always get a spot.

"They fill up fast," she said. "So this gives everyone the opportunity to have a spot for a month and hopefully sell some of their products and get their name out there."

Roger Cornell has rented a spot at Purple Hippo for his company, Blue Sage Treasures, to sell his jewellery, healing crystals and other wares.

Rorger Cornell says he hopes having a more permanent spot at the Purple Hippo will help boost business.

He said Purple Hippo gives vendors like himself more exposure and stability.

"This is a chance to basically have a semi-permanent spot," he said. "A guaranteed spot."

Dyck said the Purple Hippo will also bring in vendors to host and teach craft classes and Reiki.

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