New Calgary Transit website in the works

Calgary Transit is working on building a new website to better accommodate tech-savvy riders looking for real-time information.

Goal is to offer real-time information for tech-savvy users, says Calgary Transit

Calgary Transit says a website overhaul is years overdue. (Screen capture of

Results from a Calgary Transit survey suggest riders in the city want a new and improved website.

The input came after Calgary Transit asked riders how it can boost efficiency as part of its 30-year improvement strategy, which includes making it easier for people to plan trips using technology.

"We want to make some continuous improvements, both to our site and the feel and navigability of it, and the ease of getting information quickly," said Chris Jordan, Calgary Transit's strategic planning manager.

Jordan said a website overhaul is years overdue, with search engines like Google leading the way when it comes to trip planning.

Calgarians say they are increasingly using technology that integrates various travel options rather than getting the choices for only one mode of transportation.

"It'll give you the times for that bus but it won't give you buses you need to transfer to," said Marguerite Apotre, a Sunnyside resident planning a trip to Ramsey.

"I go on Google Maps — it'll give me a train, a bus and whichever way you have to go but the Calgary Transit website doesn't really do that."

Calgary Transit says its goal now is to build a site that can offer real-time information that riders can access easily.

"We'll make that a predominant way for people to find their information in real-time at the stop in the future," said Jordan.

The new site could be ready within six months.