Nenshi called on to update Calgary's official song

Now that we reminded you what the official song of the city sounds like, some of you want an updated version.

‘This is the year to right all the wrongs of the past,’ says Calgary Songs Project curator

At left, Mayor Naheed Nenshi belts out the song from Frozen after losing an NHL playoff bet. On the right, performers of Calgary's official song share Neighbours of the World with an audience in 1987. (CBC)

Now that we've reminded all of Calgary that the city does, indeed, have an official song — and it's from 1986 — some local music enthusiasts have thrown down the gauntlet.

"We gotta get Nenshi on this one ... to get that updated," said Arif Ansari with the Calgary Cassette Preservation Society.

The timing couldn't be more perfect for Ansari, who along with local musician Kenna Burima, has just unveiled the Calgary Songs Project at the High Performance Rodeo.

The 30-song playlist celebrates 30 years of Calgary music heritage, and Neighbours of the World did not make the cut.

"I've never heard this song before," said Burima, who agrees with Ansari — Calgary's anthem needs an update.

Arif Ansari, left, and Kenna Burima are the curators of the Calgary Songs Project. (Danielle Nerman/CBC)

"If it's the Year of Music in Calgary, Mayor Nenshi, this is the year to fix this," said Ansari. "This is the year to right all of the wrongs of the past."

But some Calgarians think the song deserves another chance, and who better to breath life into that old chestnut — but Mayor Nenshi himself.

A Song for Calgary

6 years ago
Duration 1:05
In 1986, the city launched a national "A Song for Calgary" contest in search of an official tune to capture the spirit of the city leading into the '88 Winter Olympics.
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