Nenshi to give up 10% of salary

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi confirmed Monday that he is donating 10% of his salary to charity.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi confirmed Monday that he is donating 10 per cent of his salary to charity.

This makes it the second time in as many years that the Mayor has decided to give money on top his other donations.

On Monday city council began reviewing the formula that's used for determining how much Calgary’s politicians get paid. But Nenshi said he has already decided that he is over-compensated.

"So I will unilaterally be taking 10 per cent of my take home pay and I will be donating it either back to the city or a charity that does good work in the Calgary community," he said.

"I will listen to the debate today and I can be convinced to change my mind but going into the debate, I feel that that's fair."

Nenshi's self-imposed pay cut works out to about $20,000.  

The mayor donated last year's mandated pay raise — which took effect two months after he arrived in office — to charity.  

Ald. Andre Chabot tried to convince council that this year’s pay raise of 5.35 per cent should be reduced to three per cent, and that future increases be based on Calgary’s inflation rate.

But council voted Monday to uphold the findings of an independent review panel, which concluded that the existing formula —which ties pay hikes to Statistics Canada figures — is reasonable.