A look at Calgary's pups on #NationalDogDay 2016

Did you know Calgary has more than 99,500 dogs licensed in the city as of August this year? We take a peek at some of those residents and other interesting facts about dogs in the city.

Here's a look at some of Calgary's canine residents and some interesting facts about them

Calgarians sure love their dogs, so let's celebrate them on National Dog Day. (Ayesha Clough/CBC)

Since it's National Dog Day, here's a look at some facts and pups from Calgary.

Did you know Calgary has more than 99,500 dogs licensed in the city as of August this year.

We also have the largest area of off-leash space in North America.

Calgary has 150 public off-leash areas within the parks in the city.

These off-leash designations make up for approximately 17 per cent of the total City of Calgary parks space and equates to almost 1,600 Canadian Football League fields.

The top 5 breeds registered in Calgary in 2015 were:

  • Labrador Retriever (10,415 dogs)

  • Bichon Frise (6,634 dogs)

  • German Shepherd (5,560 dogs)

  • Shih Tzu (5,244 dogs)

  • Golden Retriever (4,143 dogs)

Here's the top dog infractions in 2015:

  • Animal at large: 5,640

  • Lost and found animal: 5,186

  • Pick-up stray: 3,862

In 2015, there was 2,738 dogs impounded in the city and 2,367 were returned to their owner. That's a roughly 86.5 per cent return rate. 

The average cost for dog food and treats is as follows:

  • 12 bags of dog food (18 kilograms) at $45 equals $540

  • 2 boxes biscuit treats per month at 3.99 is $95.76

  • 8 cans dog food (397 grams) per month at $1.99 is $191.04

  • 4 bullystick chews per month at $6 is $288

The average cost for yearly vet visits and vaccinations is $120.

The average cost for a spring bath and brush in the city is $60.

The cost of licensing your dog in Calgary is $37.

At $25 a day, putting your dog into doggy daycare for a two-week vacation will cost you roughly $350.

Add up all the costs listed above, and that's about $1,681 for the year.

Tack on GST of $84.09, and you're looking at an average cost of $1,765.89.

So if the average dog lives 12 years, that's $21,190.68 if nothing goes wrong and there is no need for additional vet visits or the luxuries of dog beds and clothing.

Tails of Help is a charitable organization that provides funding for pets who need it but can't afford it.

  • After hours emergency consultation: $160

  • X-rays: $200-$300

  • Blood and urine testing: $150-$300

  • Dental cleanings/extractions under general anesthesia: $650-$1,500

In the end, all of us dog owners know they are worth every penny.

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