Craig Kelloway was stabbed 37 times, hears Nicholas Rasberry murder trial

Assistant medical examiner Dr. Tera Jones provided graphic testimony at Nicholas Rasberry's murder trial Wednesday, including a PowerPoint presentation showing a wound-by-wound analysis of the stabbing injuries that took Craig Kelloway's life.

WARNING: This story contains graphic details heard during the murder trial

Middle school teacher Craig Kelloway was stabbed to death at a home in southeast Calgary in May 2013. (Cape Breton Post)

Nicholas Rasberry wiped away an occasional tear as he sat in the prisoner's box while a medical expert testified about the fatal knife wounds he admitted to inflicting on his neighbour Craig Kelloway.

Rasberry is accused of second-degree murder in the death after Kelloway was repeatedly stabbed at the end of a drunken evening in May 2013 at his suburban home. He claims it was in self-defence.

Assistant medical examiner Dr. Tera Jones provided graphic testimony at the trial Wednesday, including a PowerPoint presentation showing a wound-by-wound analysis of the stabbing injuries that took Kelloway's life.

Several of the 37 stab wounds could have proved fatal, Jones said, including punctures to his jugular and aorta.

Alcohol involved

Jones also said a toxicology report indicated Kelloway's blood-alcohol level was six times above the legal limit for driving.

Rasberry has admitted stabbing Kelloway, claiming Kelloway tried to have sex with him and threatened to sexually assault his wife, as well.

The Crown has one more witness before turning the case over to the defence.

The defence plans to call one witness, a psychiatrist who will testify to Rasberry's state of mind in the aftermath of the killing. The trial could conclude this week.

This photo of Craig Kelloway, left, and Nicholas Rasberry, taken at 10:36 p.m. was entered into evidence at the trial. The 911 call Rasberry made, saying he had stabbed Kelloway multiple times, was placed at around 11:30 p.m. (Courtroom Exhibit)