Calgary Ward 1 ballots to be recounted

The ballots in Ward 1 will be recounted, according to Calgary's returning officer.
Ballots in Calgary's Ward 1 will be recounted.
Candidate Chris Harper trails Ward Sutherland by just 85 votes, according to the city's unofficial results. Because it is so close, there will be a recount in Ward 1. (Candidate websites)

The ballots in Ward 1 will be recounted, according to Calgary's returning officer.

The battle to replace retired Dale Hodges was very close. Candidate Chris Harper securing 8,639 votes and Ward Sutherland counting 8,724 votes, according to the unofficial results.

"It could have swung either way, right down to the end, which it did ... so it was pretty exciting," said Sutherland.

  • Hear his full interview on the Calgary Eyeopener Tuesday morning by clicking on the "Listen" button above.

Returning officer Barb Clifford said Tuesday the ballots cast in the Ward 1 councillor race will be recounted starting at 9 a.m. MT Wednesday.

"A recount is occurring because it has been determined that the number of rejected ballots ... is higher than the difference between the top two candidates," read a city press release.

"Once the recount has been completed, results will be distributed to the media and public." 


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