Calgary vehicle thefts by community: See where the crime surge happened

Nearly 5,000 cars were stolen and 11,000 were broken into in Calgary last year. How often did thieves strike in your neighbourhood? Find out with these interactive maps.

Nearly 5,000 cars were stolen and 11,000 were broken into last year. These maps show you where thieves struck

First published on March 21.

Last year was a particularly bad one for property crime in Calgary, and vehicles in particular were a popular target for thieves.

Year-end data from the Calgary Police Service revealed 4,896 vehicle thefts across the city last year, up 49.5 per cent from 2014. Thefts from vehicles also grew to 10,845 incidents, up 45.9 per cent from 2014.

These maps break down where the crimes happened most often, both in terms of the total number of thefts and the theft rate (expressed as incidents per 100,000 people), community by community.

You can scroll through and zoom in and out to find the community you're looking for on the maps. Click on a community to see specific information about it.

Vehicle thefts

Vehicle theft rate

Theft from vehicles

Theft from vehicles rate

— Crime data from Calgary Police Service 2015 Community Crime Statistics. Population data from City of Calgary 2015 civic census

More information

Police have said the increase in vehicle-related crime is related to an overall increase in property crime in Calgary, a trend they believe is connected, in part, to growing rates of addiction in the city.

Vehicle thefts have also been on the rise outside of the city, according to RCMP in Central Alberta.

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