Mother who put metal pins in food at Co-op found guilty

The woman charged with food tampering at a Calgary Co-op has been found guilty.

The woman charged with food tampering at a Calgary Co-op has been found guilty.

Tatyana Granada was found guilty Friday on four charges each of trespassing and mischief.

The mother of two was arrested in March 2010, after staff at a Calgary Co-op found metal pins and needles in packaged deli cheese items and a package of flatbread.

The pins and needles were found in bakery items, cheese, juices and some bulk food on at least two other occasions at the Oakridge Centre store, on Southland Drive and 24th Street S.W.

Granada had been given a verbal life-time ban from the store prior to the incidents, after she had been caught shoplifting. That ban was later extended to all Co-ops in Alberta.

She has not yet been sentenced.