More rafters rescued from Calgary's Bow River

For the third day in a row, Calgary emergency crews responded to calls of distress from rafters on the Bow River.

Calgary police continue to warn residents of river dangers after last month's flood

Some rafters needed help from Calgary emergency crews to get back to the banks of the Bow River this afternoon.

Three people ended up in the water after their raft hit the Louise Bridge and flipped over.

Someone called 911 and the fire department's aquatic team was called out.

One person made it back to shore and two ended up stranded on a gravel bank in the middle of the river.

Firefighters gave them a ride back to the riverbank and recovered their raft for them.

Everyone was wearing a life jacket and no one was injured.

River still dangerous, say police

The rescue comes days after the Calgary Fire Department saved a woman who fell into the Bow River while rafting Saturday afternoon.

A group was floating down the river on two rafts tethered together when one of the rafts struck a submerged tree and flipped over, forcing two women into the water.

One woman was able to swim to shore but the other was clinging to the tree and unable to get to the riverbank. She had to be pulled ashore by members of the aquatics rescue team.

The woman told emergency crews she was so cold she could barely hang on and that if it wasn't for her personal flotation device she may have drowned.

The other raft stayed upright and continued downstream with two men on board. They eventually exited the water downstream.

Calgary police are also investigating after a man's body was discovered near the bank of the Bow River Saturday. An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday to determine cause of death.

Another incident

Another woman was swept away by the fast-moving Bow River on Sunday afternoon. The fire department's river rescue team was called, but her friends managed to pull her ashore.

She has been in a raft with seven people when it hit a bridge support near 10th Street N.W. The impact forced the raft into a deep channel with large waves, which launched the woman into the water.

A life jacket helped her keep her head above water, officials said. The current carried her 400 metres downstream as her party frantically paddled to reach her.  

Officials are reminding Calgarians that while the ban on the Bow River is lifted, conditions on the river are still dangerous and pose a considerable risk to anyone on the river or near the riverbanks.

"Substantial changes in the river will necessitate the need and ability to react quickly in order to navigate hazards," said Calgary police in a release. "Use caution in and around Harvie Passage and please use the portage on ‘River Right’ to exit the water as river channels have dramatically changed in this area."

The ban on the Elbow River within city limits is still in place as debris is causing dangerous conditions.