'Aggressive' moose tranquilized after running into car in northeast Calgary

A moose has been tranquilized and moved out of Calgary after it ran into a car in the northeast neighbourhood of Pineridge on Monday.

Wayward animal relocated to wilderness northwest of Cochrane

A moose, similar to the one pictured here, was on the loose Monday morning in northeast Calgary. (Submitted by Charles Ryan)

A moose was tranquilized and moved out of Calgary after it ran into a car in the northeast neighbourhood of Pineridge on Monday.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife spokesperson Brendan Cox said officers received a call Monday morning about a moose near Pinetree Road N.E.

"It was stressed, it was being aggressive because of that stress and an unfamiliar situation with people and cars and traffic," said Cox.

The moose ran into a car and caused some damage to the vehicle before officers were able to immobilize the animal by darting it with a tranquilizer and safely remove it from the city.

It was taken to the Harold Creek area northwest of Cochrane.

The animal, which was an adult female, was not injured during the incident, Cox said.

He said it's not unusual for moose to wander out of their normal stomping grounds in the fall, as it's mating season.

"It had sort of been hanging around the airport area for a while and then became a public safety concern when it got into a bigger area today."

With files from Elizabeth Snaddon


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