Molotov cocktail thrown into Calgary home, police say

A firebombing at a home in the southeast Calgary community of Dover sent four people to hospital Wednesday morning.

Police looking for black hatchback with roof rack, smashed driver-side window

A firebombing at a home in the southeast Calgary community of Dover sent four people to hospital Wednesday morning.

Police said two masked attackers threw several Molotov cocktail through a sliding glass door of the home on Dover Ridge Drive at about 2:45 a.m.

Insp. Rob Williams said that started a fire in a couch that spread to the carpet.

"The offenders then entered the house, where the homeowner and his son confronted the two offenders. They got into a bit of a fight. A small fire erupted in the house. [It's] kind of a bizarre case," said Williams

Williams said the attackers fled to the back alley. One left in a car, but another was arrested on foot a short time later and taken to hospital with serious cuts to his head, which police believe happened during the fight.

A man, his wife and their 17-year-old son were also taken to hospital, two with minor burns to their legs and feet, while the other with injuries caused by the altercation.

Police are looking for the car, described as a black, compact hatchback with a roof rack and a smashed driver-side window.

Police in Strathmore, east of Calgary, investigated a similar fire on March 7.

The RCMP charged a man after he allegedly threw several Molotov cocktails at a home in Strathmore and threatened to kill everyone inside.

Witnesses told police that a man had thrown an unknown number of Molotov cocktails at a home on Maplewood Drive, causing small explosions and a fire that was quickly extinguished by the snowy weather.