Memoirs of a Calgary ice cream truck driver

A Calgary driver who has been serving popsicles for 25 years talks about cool treats...and not so cool music.

A longtime vendor says even adults run to him when they hear his annoying music

Kiruba Sabarttinam is the owner of Kwality Ice Cream in Calgary. (Submitted to CBC)

During the hottest months of the year, it's adults — not children — who chase down Kiruba Sabarttinam for his rockets, ice-cream sandwiches and snow cones.

"The adults? They always want soft-serve ice cream," said the longtime Calgary ice cream truck driver.

Sabarttinam says he gets most of his older customers in July and August when he roams the city's southeast industrial neighbourhood.

The owner of Kwality Ice Cream in Calgary claims to have the only truck that serves soft-serve treats. (David Donnelly/CBC)

Kids sprint after him in the spring and fall, when he moves his truck into residential neighbourhoods.

And yes, even after 25 years — he still plays that old-timey ice cream truck music.

"I have no choice. I gotta make some kind of noise to get the attention of the kids."

Sabarttinam says all together, he has eight different happy-go-lucky songs. One year, he tried to shake things up...and spun some Christmas music.

"Really a lot of people got mad. They don't want it, so I just took it out. I don't play it anymore."


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