Max Fawcett

Max Fawcett is the former editor of Alberta Oil and Vancouver magazines. He worked in the Alberta government’s climate change office between 2017 and 2019.

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OPINION | Ottawa needs to fight more effectively for the carbon tax

In an environment where misinformation thrives, and where one side has repeatedly shown its willingness to spread it about the carbon tax, the Trudeau Liberals may have to fight fire with something other than wood, says Max Fawcett.

OPINION | Political courage in short supply? No problem, just call a plebiscite

While holding provincial plebiscites in a municipal election may serve the UCP’s near-term political interests, that format may not be nearly as constructive when it comes to the looming conversation about potential new revenue measures.

OPINION | Alberta could be looking at a massive brain drain

This flight of human capital will have real costs for Alberta, and they’re ones that Jason Kenney’s government should be particularly nervous about, says Max Fawcett.

OPINION | Why separation is not a solution, or even a credible bluff

While much has changed in the world in the two decades since Stephen Harper’s so-called "Firewall Letter," little seems to be different in the ideas that Jack Mintz, Ted Morton and Tom Flanagan are presenting in their new book.

OPINION | A Joe Biden victory would present a unique challenge for Jason Kenney

For as long as he’s been involved in politics, Kenney has been described as a skilled and savvy operator. Now, Albertans get to find out if that’s actually true.

OPINION | Why everyone needs to stop 'Norwailing' over Alberta's oil piggy bank

It's time to stop lamenting the sorry state of the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund (which currently sits at $16.3 billion) and comparing it to Norway’s own oil-driven sovereign wealth fund, whose balance is measured in the trillions of dollars.

OPINION | An offer Alberta couldn't refuse

Here's a cheeky idea for the prime minister: How about actually addressing the concerns of western Canadians?

OPINION | In Alberta, it's always the economy, stupid

If the NDP want to have any chance of forming a government in 2023, they’re going to have to become far more fluent in the language of jobs and economic prosperity.

OPINION | Alberta could be fighting its last pipeline battle

While physical distancing and the economic uncertainty it has created will decrease demand for oil in the near term, it’s the longer-term consequences of COVID-19 that ought to be even more worrying for the oil and gas industry.

OPINION | Still waiting for Alberta to get the memo on climate-conscious investing

If Alberta wants the cash to start flowing again from investors like Norway’s government pension fund, the province and its leadership needs to stop picking fights and start embracing the realities of a decarbonizing global economy.

OPINION | Women in the energy sector still an endangered species

If Jason Kenney really wants to help the oil and gas industry defend its reputation, he’d be better served investing the war room’s $30 million annual budget into efforts that increase the participation rate of women in the industry.

OPINION | Teck's decision on Frontier should be wake-up call to everyone it's time to move forward

This is another reminder that, for all the talk about balancing economic goals and environmental objectives, Canada still hasn’t really figured out how to do that effectively.

OPINION | If Calgary wants to attract young people, it needs to start telling a new story

The sun doesn’t have to be setting on Calgary. In fact, I’m betting that it isn’t, given that I’m moving back this month.

OPINION | Defeating Jason Kenney will require a progressive merger

If progressives want to win the next Alberta election, they’ll have to put aside their misgivings and tribal loyalties and find a way to work together.

An Alberta Pension Plan has merit — but not as a source of fresh capital for the energy sector

If the Alberta government genuinely wants to create its own provincial pension plan, Max Fawcett says it needs to allay concerns that the funds are being looked at as a potential source of corporate welfare for the oilpatch.