Marie Magoon, Spencer Jordan tortured 6-year-old Meika Jordan before death, alleges Crown

A Calgary couple tortured six-year-old Meika Jordan for four days leading up to her death, according to the prosecutor's opening statement at their murder trial today.

Warning: This story contains descriptions of child abuse that some may find disturbing

A Calgary couple tortured their six-year-old daughter for four days leading up to her death, according to the prosecutor's opening statement at their murder trial today 2:31

A Calgary couple tortured six-year-old Meika Jordan for four days leading up to her death, according to the prosecutor's opening statement at their murder trial today.

Spencer Jordan and Marie Magoon are charged with first-degree murder following the death in November 2011. Jordan was Meika's father and Magoon was her stepmother.

In her opening statement to the judge Monday, prosecutor Susan Pepper outlined the Crown's case against Magoon and Jordan.

Pepper said on Nov. 10, 2011, Magoon held a lighter under Meika's hand causing a third-degree burn. The child was supposed to be returned to her mother the next day but Pepper said the couple knew they'd be in trouble for the burn on Meika's hand so Jordan texted his ex, asking to keep her for an extra day.

"They became Meika's bullies and her tormentors," said Pepper

Spencer Jordan and Marie Magoon on the first day of their first-degree-murder trial. (Janice Fletcher)

Over the next four days, the Crown alleges Jordan and Magoon punched Meika in the stomach, pushed her down the stairs, dragged her back up the stairs by her hair, tied her hands together and forced her to run up and down the stairs, punishing her further when she was unable to continue, and finally, delivered what would be fatal blows by smashing her head off of the tile floor in their kitchen.

On Nov. 14, 2011, Meika was rushed to hospital. She died the next day.

Initially, Magoon and Jordan told police Meika fell down the stairs but the medical examiner said her injuries were consistent with child abuse, not an accident.

Meika had tears on her liver and pancreas and had suffered at least five significant impacts to her head, causing her to die of blunt force trauma. She was dirty, covered in bruises, her hair was matted and chunks of it were missing.

The couple was not charged for another year because Pepper said they were the subjects of an undercover police investigation, during which both admitted to playing a role in her death.

It was in October 2012 when Magoon and Jordan were charged in connection with Meika's death. The trial is scheduled to last for six weeks.

Support for Meika

A group called Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) marched through the streets of downtown Calgary Monday morning to show support for the little girl.

About 50 people attended the march to support Meika Jordan's family. Her stepfather, Brian Woodhouse, is a member of BACA.

Meika's stepfather Brian Woodhouse and mother Kyla lead the Bikers Against Child Abuse march to the courthouse. (CBC)

"We are a very large brotherhood. We support each other in everything we do and that is why all of the members have come out to support myself and my wife in this trying time," Woodhouse said.

Woodhouse said the gathering is about supporting the search for justice in their daughter's murder.

"It's just kind of our way to bring awareness and to help the quest for justice," said Woodhouse. "The more people you can have and the more numbers you can draw, the more attention you draw to the cause."

BACA opened a Calgary chapter last month. Chapter president William Hebert, who goes by Wheels, said their goal is to support abused children.

"This is the worst case scenario, this is what happens and people need to be aware that child abuse is rampant, and the worst case scenario ends up in something like this. It's death," Wheels said.