Behind the screen at the Calgary International Film Festival

Using fake blood and prosthetics, professional makeup artists will show us how actors are transformed into characters behind the screen.

Free demo highlights important role makeup plays in TV and film production

'Like he walked into a door,' says Rose Gurevitch about the fake cut she applied to the CBC's Dave Waddell's face on Friday. (Danielle Nerman/CBC)

Rose Gurevitch has made a career out of transforming handsome actors into beat up old cowboys.

"It's a layered look, we'll darken their skin … like they've been out in the sun for days, weeks. Add dirt, let it sink into the lines," said the Calgary-based makeup artist, who has worked behind the scenes of Brokeback Mountain and Hell on Wheels.

"Quite often, we're called in to do a quick effect … They stage a fight, we run in, put blood in, maybe a bruise, a cut."

Rose Gurevitch takes a break after applying a beard to a dummy of actor Anson Mount on the set of Hell on Wheels. (Rose Gurevitch )

Gurevitch and several other professional makeup artists will be sharing their trade secrets at a free event on Sept. 25 at noon in Eau Claire Market.

They'll be doing several demonstrations on stage, using prosthetics and wigs, then they'll give the audience members a few cuts and bruises.

"Makeup is very important [for actors]. It helps their character development," said Gurevitch.

The event is part of the Calgary International Film Festival's new Behind the Screen series featuring talks and tours from industry experts who work in fields such as animal training and special effects.

With files from the Calgary Eyeopener