Maggie Macintosh

Maggie Macintosh is a 2019 CBC Joan Donaldson Scholar. She has done multimedia reporting for the CBC in Toronto and Calgary.

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How fireworks can affect your health and the ecosystem

Environmentalists are questioning whether minutes-long sparkly spectacles are worth fireworks’ long-term effects on human health and wildlife.  

Iconic fantasy horse races return to St. Louis Hotel years later

Eager gamblers and imaginary thoroughbreds packed the St. Louis Hotel for the first time in years on Friday to mark the return of the iconic “horse races.” 

These are the 'quirky' items Calgarians leave behind on public transit 

Thousands of items — everything from forgotten luggage to a lost limb — has ended up in Calgary Transit's lost and found office.

Fargo's next season won't be filmed in Calgary

Scenes were filmed in and around the city for the show's first three seasons but Calgary will no longer be home to the comedy-crime drama when production starts back up this fall.

'Ready to go': City transportation manager defends moving forward on Green Line

The manager of transportation for the city says he will recommend council move forward with the Green Line project next week despite critics' calls to delay it. 

Changing the chucks: The Stampede sport is no longer what it was in 1923 — what's next?

Over a century, chuckwagon racing at the Calgary Stampede has evolved from a sport with real stoves to one with microchipped horses. Now, historians question whether the Stampede can further improve the safety of the sport amid renewed calls from animal rights advocates to abolish it.

Rules of the road and sidewalk: Here's what you need to know about e-scooters

Calgarians have been quick to jump on board e-scooters and e-bikes. These are the city's rules for getting around Calgary on wheels.

Backcountry lodge operator of 57 years gets one last season to run historic Yoho site

The long-time, 82-year-old operator of a historic backcountry lodge in Yoho National Park has been given permission to run the site for one last summer — before the contract goes up for public auction.

Animal advocates want chuckwagon races cancelled after 3 horse deaths

Animal rights activists are calling on the Calgary Stampede to halt its chuckwagon races and review safety measures following the deaths of three horses at the Rangeland Derby this week. 

Ottawa invests $13M to diversify, grow Canada's grains and oilseeds exports

The federal government is investing millions into diversifying the Prairies’ grain and oilseed industries as China continues to put up hurdles to Canadian farm exports, including canola. 

This is why mushrooms are springing up on lawns across the city

Toadstools are popping up on lawns across the province — but a fungal expert warns the mushrooms aren’t safe for salads. 

'Mum would never have done that': Care home consultant wants to change dialogue around dementia

Declining memory or not, people's needs and interests change over time. That's why one care home consultant wants relatives to treat their loved ones as people rather than as patients.

Solar-powered car built by U of C students wins international race

A team of engineering students from the University of Calgary raced its vehicle, which is powered by solar and electrical energy, in Austin, Texas, over the weekend.

Veteran stampeders teach newcomers about cowboy culture

Veteran stampeders are using second-hand cowboy hats and history lessons to teach newcomers about cowboy culture.

'I couldn't wait any longer': Kiesza releases single while recovering from brain injury

Two years after a serious car accident, the artist behind the 2014 deep-house hit Hideaway is on a five-stop acoustic tour.