For Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman's secret superpower was her humanity

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter shares secrets to what made her character such an enduring American icon on her first visit to Calgary.

Carter to perform solo show Thursday at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

Lynda Carter kicks off Calgary Expo Wednesday at Central Memorial Library interview (CBC)

Before they could have a Parade of Wonders, the Calgary Expo had to call upon the original Wonder Woman to kick off their four day shindig.

That was Lynda Carter, who starred as the iconic superhero on CBS in the 1970s, where she spoke truth to power and wielded a Lasso of Truth.

Carter, interviewed by Wordfest artistic producer Shelley Youngblut at the Central Memorial Library Wednesday during a press preview for Calgary Expo, said a large part of what made Wonder Woman so enduring and iconic was that her real superpowers were the ones every woman possesses.

"The way I approached this character is she had the vulnerabilities of all women, the heart of a woman, the intellect of a woman — but she couldn't be taken advantage of, not easily anyway," she said.

"She could protect herself, and protect the people she cared about — for the right reasons — and that's why I think one of the reasons why my depiction of her was lasting or enduring.

Lynda Carter is white hatted by Tourism Calgary's Elaine Bowman (CBC)

"It's much more than superpowers," Carter said. "Slaying dragons and all the rest. It's about her humanity."

Carter said the two women behind the smash film adaptation of Wonder Woman, director Patty Jenkins (with whom she shares the same birthday, July 24) and star Gal Gadot, both understood that appeal.

"When Patty Jenkins redid it, they got that piece. I'm very good friends with both of them, and care about them very much.

"I was the first one to stand and cheer when I saw the movie."

Carter is in town to perform her solo show This Life Thursday night.

It's an hour-long show featuring stories, songs and an audience question and answer period where fans can ask about her life.


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