#LoveYYC if you heart Calgary

Calgary Economic Development and Tourism Calgary want to turn the city's frown upside down.

'Sometimes we let those negative conversations dominate,' says Cindy Ady with Tourism Calgary

Calgarians are encouraged to tweet about their positive experiences in the city using the hashtag #LoveYYC. (@TourismCalgary/Twitter)

Calgary Economic Development and Tourism Calgary want to turn the city's frown upside down.

The two organizations have launched the social media campaign #LoveYYC to give Calgary a much needed dose of sunshine and lollipops.

"Certainly the research that came out last week ... talking about how Albertans don't feel like the rest the country loves them," Mary Moran, CEO of Calgary Economic Development, told the Calgary Eyeopener.

The economic downtown and job losses haven't helped brighten the mood, either.

"Sometimes we let those negative conversations dominate and we're saying, it's time for us to let some of that love dominate," said Cindy Ady with Tourism Calgary.

Moran said campaign is meant to remind Calgarians about the city's "great spirit."

"I love the way we get things done. I like way we take adversity and we turn it around and we make it a positive," she said.

Mary Moran (left) is the president and CEO of Calgary Economic Development and Cindy Ady (right) is the CEO of Tourism Calgary. (CBC)

How can we show our love?

Ady said it starts with conversation — talking to friends, family and business contacts across the country about the things you love about Calgary.

Then we have to take action.

Moran says that means businesses and people shifting some of their spending to local vendors  that are hurting — and then talk about it on social media, and tag it #LoveYYC.

The campaign is building towards the #LoveYYC Day on Nov. 5, where Calgarians are encouraged to get out and enjoy all the city has to offer.

With files from the Calgary Eyeopener