Longest dog tail in the world belongs to Finnegan from Calgary

The dog with the world’s longest tail lives in Calgary. His name is Finnegan, and he is an Irish wolfhound.

Irish wolfhound's tail measures 72.29 centimetres

Co-owner Evangeline Leclair holds out Finnegan's tail that recently broke a world record for length. (CBC)

There's something extraordinary about Finnegan, an Irish wolfhound from Calgary.

The dog has the world's longest tail  officially listed in the Guinness World Records 2015 Book at 72.29 centimetres.

Finnegan’s co-owner Evangeline Leclair says after three-and-a-half years she has learned to put away anything breakable.

"He's broken several wine glasses. He's knocked over a few wine bottles," she said.

Co-owner Evangeline Leclair says Finnegan's tail can cause trouble from time to time. (CBC)

"I've been hit in the face a few times.... Sometimes when he wags it, and you're sitting on the ground or you're sitting on a chair, it might go into your mouth."

Finnegan is a big dog, but at 55 kilograms — or 121 pounds — he is actually small for an Irish wolfhound.

The letter declaring Finnegan's world record came in the mail last month. Leclair says a vet was required to measure the tail three times with a witness. The process was videotaped and submitted to Guinness World Records.

The previous record was held by an American Great Dane named Bentley.

Finnegan is owned by Calgarians Reilly Smith and Evangeline Leclair. (CBC)