Lilo the corgi may have short legs but she conquers steep hikes

A little corgi has been happily trekking along Alberta mountain trails for the past year.

'She is a much better hiker than me,' says owner Aiko Dolatre

Lilo the corgi is almost three years old and she loves to hike. (Aiko Dolatre)

A little corgi has been happily trekking along Alberta mountain trails for the past year.

Lilo, a three-year-old Pembroke Welsh corgi, also goes by Low Rider Lilo. Her owners have set up an Instagram account to document her adventures.

They started a year ago with short hike. Recently, she worked up to an 18.8-kilometre hike through Waterton National Park.

Wherever the family of three goes, Lilo brings a smile to other hikers — especially when she's wearing her bandana and her Corgi goggles or "coggles."

"A lot of people don't see her right away because she's tiny. Very low, she hides behind our legs. But you can tell the exact moment when they spot her," owner Aiko Dolatre told The Homestretch. "Their face just grins and lights up. You hear their whispers: 'Have you seen those coggles?'"

Lilo makes it along the trails fairly easy, now that she's put in the time to get in shape. Jumping down is still tricky, as she has stubby legs. Her parents also try to only hike when it's overcast and in the winter, when it's not too cold and the snow isn't too deep.

"We thought it would be great if we could inspire other short-legged dogs and smaller dogs to go on adventures outside because they are capable of doing it. You just have to ease them into it," Dolatre said. "She is a much better hiker than me."

Here are a few sweet Lilo the Corgi photos, taken by Dolatre.

Lilo looks out on Maligne Lake.

Lilo runs through the snow at Rawson Lake.

Lilo may be small, but her owner says that doesn't stop her from adventures like exploring Sunwapta Falls.

Lilo sniffs the fresh air at Prairie Mountain.

The corgi wears her 'coggles' on Coliseum Mountain.

Lilo strikes a pose at Waterton Lakes National Park.

Lilo sports her goggles and a scarf in Jasper.

Lilo at Johnston Canyon's lower falls.

Lilo the corgi poses next to a Canadian flag.

With files from Susan Holzman, The Homestretch and Helen Pike


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