Drug bust leads to trafficking charges against 3 in Lethbridge

Lethbridge police have charged three people with drug trafficking offences after seizing drugs and money from a home.

Marijuana, LSD, cash and vehicle among items seized by police

In executing the search warrant, police said they found 400 bottles of THC in liquid form, seven pounds of psilocybin, along with marijuana and LSD. (Sarah Lawrynuik/CBC)

Lethbridge police have charged three people with drug trafficking offences after investigators say they seized drugs and cash worth about $475,000 from a home earlier this month.

Officers executed a search warrant at a house in the 100 block of Lafayette Boulevard in West Lethbridge on March 9 following a six-month investigation. 

Police say they seized:

  • 29 pounds of marijuana and four pounds of marijuana resin.
  • 400 bottles of liquid THC.
  • Seven pounds of psilocybin — commonly known as magic mushrooms.
  • 136 tabs of LSD.
  • Hashish and marijuana candy.
  • $121,000 cash.
  • A GMC Sierra.

Three people were charged with drug trafficking offences in relation to the bust – Tyler Dean Petryshyn, 35, Jolene Raygen Burge,31, and Jeffrey Michael George Seniec, 30, are all from Lethbridge.

"This is another significant seizure for the city of Lethbridge," said police spokesperson Kristen Harding. "It is something that should be a concern to the community."

"The message we hope the community will take away from this – particularly individuals who are engaged in the drug trade – is that we will continue to target their activity, in order to disrupt and dismantle their operations."

LSD making a comeback

Fentanyl, a drug becoming increasingly problematic for law enforcement, was notably absent from the bust. However, police say LSD, a potent psychedelic drug known for its hallucinogenic effects, is starting to creep back into Lethbridge. 

"It's not something that we have typically seen in significant quantities over the last little while," said Harding, "but it is starting to become more prevalent. We recovered some in this particular bust as well as in the million-dollar drug bust last month."

With files from CBC's Sarah Lawrynuik