Calgary Flames fan constructs Lanny McDonald bird feeder out of old lamp and beer keg

Calgary's Terry Moore says he's supporting his favourite hockey team with a front yard homage to one of the Flames' legends.

Terry Moore's creation lives in front of his house on Acadia Dr. S.E.

Terry Moore says it's probably only a matter of time before he crafts a team of bird feeders featuring all the current members of the Calgary Flames. (Danielle Nerman/CBC)

It all started with a piggy bank. Well, a piggy bank shaped like a monkey.

The body of the Lanny McDonald bird feeder is made from an old Molson Canadian Bubba beer keg. (Danielle Nerman/CBC)

"It used to sit on my dash of the tractor trailer and I was always look at it and kept thinking, 'Oh man, put a stash on there and you got Lanny.' So I finally pulled it out and created my little Lanny bird feeder," said Terry Moore.

The Calgary man took the head of the monkey, planted a red moustache on it and glued the head to the top of a Molson Canadian Bubba mini-keg featuring the logo of his favourite hockey team, the Calgary Flames.

Moore has been cheering for the Flames since the Lanny McDonald years, but also followed the hockey legend when he also played for the Colorado Rockies and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

As of Friday morning, McDonald had not yet seen the bird feeder that features his iconic moustache.

Moore says finches and blue jays frequent the feeder — which hangs from a tree in the front yard of his southeast Calgary home. Moore lives along busy Acadia Dr., near Southland Dr. S.E.

National Hockey League Hall of famer Lanny McDonald, shown here raising the Stanley Cup in Montreal Thursday, May 25, 1989 after the Calgary Flames defeated the Canadiens. (Canadian Press)

"So when everybody's caught in traffic and trying to fight and go home at least they have something to smile at." 

The bird feeder also features a little plastic toy hockey stick, donated by his next-door neighbour's son, and a frosted glass shade from an old floor lamp.

"I was going to use it as a candy dish, but my wife didn't want it hanging off the living room ceiling for some reason."

Moore says he's tinkering with the idea of creating bird feeders for all the current players on the Calgary Flames.


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