Labour Day celebrated with barbecue

Supporters of the labour movement gathered Monday for a barbecue in Olympic Plaza.
People lined up for a Labour Day barbeque in Olympic Plaza on Monday. ((CBC))

Supporters of the labour movement gathered Monday for a barbecue in Olympic Plaza.

The Calgary and District Labour Council’s gathering was billed as a celebration of the achievements of the labour movement, including safety standards and weekends off.

Council president Alex Shevalier says the provincial labour movement is currently focusing on farm workers.

"There's a big push this year for Alberta Farm Workers to be included in health and safety and employment standards so they can enjoy the basics that most Albertans have enjoyed for 50 years," he said. "So hopefully next Labour Day we won't have to have this conversation. And we can say farm workers are one of the gains that the labour movement has achieved."

Shevalier said they're also fighting for domestic workers to share the same rights as other workers in Alberta.

The organization supports 15 affiliated local unions representing 30,000 members.