Kinsey Jerry pleads guilty to killing one baby, brutally injuring another

Disturbing details describing two incidents of extreme child abuse were read aloud in court Friday afternoon as Kinsey Jerry admitted to killing his infant daughter and nearly killing his four-month-old son.

Both babies were 4-months-old at the time of the incidents which were 4 years apart

Kinsey Jerry pleaded guilty on Friday to manslaughter and aggravated assault relating to injuries he inflicted on two of his babies. (Gleichen RCMP)

Disturbing details describing two incidents of extreme child abuse were read aloud in court Friday afternoon as Kinsey Jerry admitted to killing his four-month-old daughter and nearly killing his four-month-old son.

Kinsey Jerry pleaded guilty to manslaughter and aggravated assault in connection with incidents in Calgary and Siksika.

In January 2007, Honey Jerry was four-months-old when Jerry violently shook her. 

Jerry and his girlfriend Megan Yellowfly were living in Ranchlands when they had an argument. Yellowfly left the home to do laundry, leaving Honey alone with her father.

Shortly after, Jerry went to his next door neighbour's home and asked to make a 911 call explaining the child was limp and not breathing.

The neighbour went to Jerry's home and found the baby was limp, wasn't breathing, her forehead was blue and purple and she had pale lips.

At the hospital, doctors found the baby suffered a brain injury consistent with being violently shaken. They also noted there may have been signs of an older brain injury as well.

Conflicting stories 

Honey died five weeks later when she was taken off life support.

Throughout the subsequent investigation, police found Jerry told several different stories about what happened.

Jerry told a paramedic the baby had been asleep for 30 minutes and when he checked on her, she wasn't breathing but he told a fire captain he'd been feeding the child who began throwing up, "went soft" and then couldn't be woken.

He then told a police investigator that he was burping the baby on his knee when she began vomiting, eventually he said her face went blue so he began shaking her to try and revive her.

"Kinsey Jerry significantly contributed to the death of Honey Jerry by shaking her," reads the statement of agreed facts presented in court on Friday.

'I guess I hit him'

Four years later, Jerry was living with another girlfriend and the couple had a four-month-old son at the time.

On Sept. 26, 2011, Jerry's girlfriend took a shower leaving the baby — who can only be identified as U.J. because of a publication ban — alone with Jerry.

The baby had been fussy all day and when his mother got out of the shower, she noticed the child appeared to be sleeping with his eyes open, focused in different directions.

At the hospital, doctors determined the child had suffered a fractured skull, his tonsils had been torn, an eye was bruised and bleeding and he had chemical burns inside and outside his mouth.

There were also broken ribs from an earlier injury.

The baby was in hospital for five weeks.

In an interview with RCMP on March 6, 2013 he admitted to striking the boy when he started crying because he was fed up.

"I guess I hit him," said Jerry. "He's crying and I hit him." 

Jerry also said he stuck his fingers down the baby's throat to stop him from crying.

Police were never able to determine what caused the broken ribs or the chemical burns to the child's mouth 

"U.J. suffered a significant brain injury from this incident," reads the agreed statement of facts.

A psychiatric report has been ordered before lawyers deal with Jerry's sentence.