Kensington Legion finds new development partner in building revitalization project

Just when it looked like the Kensington Legion's days were numbered, a new partnership has given it a second chance.

The Kensington Legion was facing an uncertain future when one developer walked away after a year of planning

Truman Development Corp.'s George Trutina speaks passionately about why his company jumped at the chance to take on the Kensington Legion revitalization project. 0:43

The Royal Canadian Legion in Kensington is getting a new life now that a new developer has agreed to pick up the revitalization project.  

The legion has been struggling financially for the past several years. 

On Jan. 14, a plan to revitalize the branch — by building a three-story building with a new legion on the main floor and revenue-generating office space above — fell through when the developer walked away after a year of planning.

The developer, Qualico, said a parcel of city-owned land was priced too high to make the project viable.

But on Tuesday, the legion signed a partnership with a new developer to get the project going.

"Truman have agreed to pick up where the other developer left off," said Mark Barham, the legion's treasurer. "They're going to proceed with a development that's going to fit the needs of not only the community and legion, but also suit the needs of the city."

Area councillor Druh Farrrell says she brought all sides together to get this new deal underway.

"It's a legion and they're important. It's a beautiful site and we wanted to make sure the development fits beautifully in the community," she said.

Truman Development Corp. president George Trutina says he hopes to have the new legion built by next Christmas.

"I said I'm going for it. I'm going to get it done for these guys. And I'm very honoured to do something on this for Canadian veterans," he said.

Truman will use the original development plans set out by the first developer to complete the project.

"I'm sleeping better at night. I can tell you that. And there's nothing but smiles around the legion around this partnership and going forward," said Barham.


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