911 call by Craig Kelloway's alleged killer heard as murder trial begins

A disturbing 911 call was played in a Calgary courtroom to open the murder trial of Nicholas Rasberry, who is accused of killing Craig Kelloway in Auburn Bay in May 2013.

WARNING: The story and the 911 recording contain disturbing content

This photo of Craig Kelloway (left) and Nicholas Rasberry, entered into evidence at the trial, was taken at 10:36 p.m. on Kelloway's girlfriend's phone. The 911 call Rasberry made, saying he had stabbed Kelloway multiple times, was placed at about 11:30 p.m. (Courtroom Exhibit)

A disturbing 911 call was played in a Calgary courtroom Monday morning as Nicholas Rasberry's second-degree murder trial got underway.

The victim, Craig Kelloway, and his girlfriend had recently moved into an Auburn Bay neighbourhood when they began drinking with their new neighbours —  Rasberry, 32, and his wife — on May 4, 2013.

"There's a guy stabbed multiple times by me," Rasberry can be heard telling the operator.

"He tried to f--k me," he added. "I stabbed him everywhere."

A portion of a 911 recording played at the murder trial of Nicholas Rasberry, who stands accused of killing Craig Kelloway in May 2013.

During the 12-minute 911 call made after 11 p.m. MT, Rasberry tells the operator Kelloway is gasping for breath and making gurgling sounds.

She asks him to clear the victim's airway.

"I'm looking in your mouth," Rasberry can be heard saying to Kelloway. "I f--king hate you."

Near the end of the call, once the police are on the line and officers and paramedics have arrived at the house, Rasberry can be heard saying: "I didn't do anything wrong .… I was attacked."

Kelloway, a teacher from Nova Scotia, had been in Calgary for six years and left behind a six-month-old son at the time of his death

The trial is scheduled to last up to four weeks.

Craig Kelloway, originally from Glace Bay, N.S., moved to Calgary to work as a teacher. (Cape Breton Post)