Calgarians hunt for last boxes of Kellogg's Just Right after cereal discontinued

Two-time Olympian Catriona Le May Doan part of fanbase for cereal who are on the hunt for remaining boxes.

Kellogg Canada confirmed not enough consumer demand for product

The Kellogg's cereal Just Right has been hard to find lately, and that's why fans of it like Carrie Plesuk have taken to stockpiling it before it goes out of stock. (Paul Karchut/CBC)

What was just right for some people wasn't a money-making product for the Kellogg brand in Canada. Just Right cereal, which was launched in 1985 and unique to Canada, has been discontinued.

The Kellogg Canada media representative wrote in an emailed statement to CBC news that, "Unfortunately consumer demand for Kellogg's Just Right cereal was not strong enough to support continued production."

"As a result, we can confirm that the product has been discontinued."

The soon-to-be-obsolete cereal is still available, while supplies last, but you may have a hard time finding it on city shelves.

The cereal is flying off shelves in Calgary, as the Calgary Eyeopener's Paul Karchut confirmed.

LISTEN Just Right fans speak out:

Long-time groupies of the cereal, which lists being made "with four simple grains" on the box (whole grain wheat, corn, whole grain oats and sugar are the first four ingredients) are upset about the product's cancellation.

A customer service representative with Kellogg whom Karchut spoke to said on the phone, "Every other contact will be about Just Right being discontinued, but it's not something that new kids will like or something popular. Once you like it, you like it, and so it's not getting any bigger."

The cereal had one major fan in two-time Olympic speed skating champion Catriona Le May Doan.

"I love it … we're a big cereal family, whether it's breakfast or a bedtime snack," said Doan.

Doan said she started looking for it at every store, "going, 'Oh weird, they're out of Just Right, oh weird, I can't find it.'"

Calgarian Carrie Plesuk has considered the cereal a staple in her home for 20 years, and she's taken to stockpiling it in her basement.

"I really enjoy it, often more than once per day and it's just the perfect cereal … it's not too sweet, it's just so good … I've never found anything quite like it," said Plesuk.

"Between myself and … our son is addicted as well … we've got until September for most of the boxes, and I can guarantee you, it'll be gone before September."

And the Just Right fanbase isn't limited to one city in Canada.

Alan MacEachern in London, Ont. wrote on Twitter that, "I've eaten Just Right cereal most mornings for the past 25 years - so maybe 7,000 bowls….but it's getting hard to find. @KelloggCompany, tell me you're not discontinuing it!"

May Power wrote on Twitter that he'd been having a hard time finding the cereal too. 

"After 2 months no sightings, Sobeys had some small boxes of it on shelf here in Halifax."

Meanwhile, Doan is still on the hunt for the soon-to-be out of stock cereal in southern Alberta.

"I have looked in Calgary … Invermere … I've looked in Lethbridge. So if anybody knows where there's a big stock of Just Right, let me know," said Doan.

What's a food you loved that has been discontinued? Air it out on Alberta at Noon with Jim Brown or email the show at on Friday, March 5.

With files from Paul Karchut


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