Calgary Marathon names Jonathan Kipchirchir Chesoo winner after 2 men disqualified

Jonathan Kipchirchir Chesoo of Kenya became the winner of the men’s full marathon at the 51st Scotiabank Calgary Marathon on Sunday after two runners were disqualified for missing a portion of the race course.

Kenyan runner breaks a record as friends are disqualified for missing a kilometre of the course

Jonathan Kipchirchir Chesoo became the record-breaking winner of the men's full marathon during the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon. (Calgary Marathon Society)

Jonathan Kipchirchir Chesoo of Kenya became the winner of the men's full marathon at the 51st Scotiabank Calgary Marathon on Sunday after two runners were disqualified for missing a portion of the race course.

Chesoo, with a record-breaking time of 2:17:12, emerged the first-place winner after it was discovered by race officials that two men had missed about a kilometre of the 42-kilometre course.

Chesoo had originally been in second place at the end of the race.

At least 12,000 people took part in the 51st Scotiabank Calgary Marathon on Sunday. (Scotiabank/Marketwire)

Kirsten-Ellen Fleming, executive director of the marathon, said she became aware of the situation a few kilometres before the race ended. 

"I knew before they crossed the finish line that this had happened," said Fleming.

She was alerted that the two runners wearing bibs 91 and 79 had missed a turn at 14th Street.

"A police vehicle, which was part of the crew, alerted us that two people had missed the course."

3 men all friends

When Chesoo, who was in second, and the other two runners in first and third place reached the finish line, Fleming heard people cheering. 

"I was bolting down the finish line saying 'No, no it's not him,'" she said.

Fleming says route mix-ups happen occasionally and it's an unfortunate part of the industry. In this case, it's particularly hard.

"The three of them are all friends and it's not a fun scenario for anyone."

The Calgary Marathon Society plans to fully compensate the other two men who travelled a long distance to get to the race.

"We feel badly they came all this way, and they were clearly front runners in this race, and we'll make sure they're taken care of," said Fleming.

4 race records broken

Fleming said the positive side is that not only did Chesoo break a record, three other competitors did as well.

The race attracted about 12,000 people.

See the Calgary Marathon website for the full list of winners. 

The top Calgary racers were Justin Kurek in the men's 50-K challenge with a time of 3:10:13 and Jessica Mueller in the women's 50-K challenge with a time of 3:57:24. 


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