Jocelyn Alice, Danny Vacon, Ellen Doty and The New Electric

Some of Calgary's top musical acts joined CBC Calgary's Key of A and the Homestretch at the Ironwood Stage to celebrate local music and raise funds for the Calgary Food Bank.

Hear Calgary musical artists performing at CBC's Jam for the Food Bank

Ellen Doty and Danny Vacon take a break from recording their song, Favourite Sweater, at OCL Studios in Calgary. (Ellen Doty/Facebook)

Some of Calgary's top musicians helped CBC Calgary's Food Bank Drive earlier this month at CBC's Jam for the Food Bank at the Ironwood Stage.

This week on the Key of A, you'll hear those live performances by The New Electric, Ellen Doty, Danny Vacon and Jocelyn Alice.

Our house band, YYC Music Award-winning Group of the Year The New Electric, puts on a great show for us with upbeat, positive pop that gets the crowd clapping and singing along.

Jocelyn Alice drops by to perform her Platinum-selling song, Jackpot, and talk about the difference a hit single has made in her life and career.

Ellen Doty and Danny Vacon perform the song they wrote together, Favourite Sweater. You'll hear their live version on this week's Key of A.

Check out the just-released version below.  If you buy a copy, Ellen and Danny will donate the proceeds to the Calgary Drop-In Centre. How's that for feeling warm and fuzzy as your favourite sweater.

  • Ellen Doty and Danny Vacon perform their song, Favourite Sweater:

Musical antidotes to holiday hype

Plus, you'll hear about two non-commercial seasonal musical events this Sunday that could provide a perfect antidote to holiday hysteria.

In Edmonton, Deep Winter Song brings musicians, dancers and storytellers together for a meditative experience at the Centre for Spiritual Living.

In Calgary, Carol of the Belles invites families to Flames Central for the afternoon to hear a who's who of local musicians perform in support of the Calgary Sexual Health Centre's WiseGuyz program, helping boys in junior high develop emotional literacy around issues of consent and healthy relationships.

Both events take place Sunday, Dec. 18.

Listen to the Key of A, Saturday 5-6 p.m. across Alberta on CBC Radio 1.

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