Jim Prentice appoints Rick Hanson PC candidate for Calgary-Cross

Former police chief Rick Hanson will run for the Progressive Conservatives in Calgary-Cross.

Hanson retired on March 13 after a 40-year policing career

Premier Jim Prentice announced Saturday former police chief Rick Hanson has been appointed the Progressive Conservative candidate for Calgary-Cross. (CBC)

So much for a peaceful retirement.

After a 40-year policing career, Friday was Rick Hanson's last day as chief of police in Calgary.

Less than 24 hours later, Hanson, 60, stood beside Jim Prentice as he announced the former police chief had been appointed as the Progressive Conservative candidate in Calgary-Cross.

Prentice told the crowd Hanson will bear the PC party banner "if and when there is an election," which was met with a chorus of giggles from the audience. A provincial election has still not yet called but provincial observers expect Prentice to drop the writ soon after the budget is tabled later this month.

At the press conference, Hanson called the appointment "an honour" and said it would be a distinct privilege to represent the people in the riding of Calgary-Cross.

"Calgary-Cross is a very diverse community with diverse needs," Hanson said.

"They are hardworking people who come from diverse backgrounds and all of them crave the same thing: they all want a safe community with opportunities to raise their kids and take advantage of the amazing opportunities that exist in this city and in this province." 

Hanson says he looks forward to meeting the people of the riding door-to-door.

The appointment of Hanson means the seven PC hopefuls who were seeking the nomination in the riding have stepped aside. 

"We have a candidate that I, as the leader, have chosen in consultation with a nomination committee that's responsible for this province-wide," Prentice said. "This is a candidate who has overwhelming support in the community ... and so he'll be an extraordinary candidate."

Calgary-Cross MLA Yvonne Fritz announced on Feb. 4 that she was retiring after nearly three decades in politics.