Acclaimed trumpet soloist records tributes to 3 legendary Albertans

Alberta trumpet soloist Jens Lindemann captured the world's attention last month when he serenaded motorists stranded for more than 10 hours on an icy stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway.

Jens Lindemann's new album pays homage to Tommy Banks, Ken Taylor and Peter Lougheed

Jens Lindemann is a professional trumpet soloist who entertained other stuck motorists during a more than 10-hour ordeal stuck on an icy Alberta highway. Now, he's recorded an album that pays tribute to iconic Albertans. (Mackenzie Murphy)

Alberta trumpet soloist Jens Lindemann captured the world's attention last month when he serenaded motorists stranded for more than 10 hours on an icy stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway.

The performance netted the acclaimed musician (he's the first classical brass player ever to receive the Order of Canada) an opportunity to play the national anthem at Madison Square Gardens.

And now, he's turning the limelight toward other Canadians' accomplishments with a new recording that celebrates three iconic Albertans.

"We really need to get better at celebrating our own people," Lindemann told Russell Bowers on CBC's Daybreak Alberta.

"We are not naturally gifted as Canadians to say, 'we have our own heroes here.' We're more subtle."

The songs pay homage to former senator Tommy Banks, diplomat Ken Taylor who harbored six Americans during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis and former premier Peter Lougheed. 

Lindemann said he was close personal friends with Banks and Taylor and went to high school with one of Lougheed's sons.

"All three of those pieces are dedicated to them and their particular legacies. There are musical motifs based on their lives and how they were important to Albertan and Canadian society as well as people all around the world."

He said the pieces highlight a particularly Albertan facet of the men's identities — their maverick, can-do spirits.

"We have a can-do spirit. In the case of all three of those individuals, they marked their turf by being outliers of sorts," he said.

A digital album of the three pieces is available on Lindemann's website, and you can hear a preview of the songs as well as Lindemann's interview below.

It was the start of October when Calgary, Banff and southern Alberta got hit with a sudden snowstorm, seeing over a foot of snow cause traffic havoc in the cities and on the Trans Canada Highway. One of the people who made the most of being stranded for 10-hours on the highway was trumpet soloist Jens Lindemann, an Edmonton-born musician who has been accalimed the world over for his virtuoso playing. With snow faling and with cars and trucks backed up for miles, he decided to get out of his vehicle and serenade his fellow travellers. The performance was captured on viseo, and soon he was a You-Tube sensation. He returned to Calgary to perform and help open the new downtown location of the Calgary Public Library and that's where Russell Bowers caught up with Jens to preview his new music, a three-part salute to 3 legendary Albertans. 19:39

With files from Daybreak Alberta.


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