Jennifer Dorozio

Web Writer & Radio Associate Producer

Jennifer Dorozio is a local journalist in Calgary, Alta.

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Sensory-friendly experiences becoming more common in Calgary

A wave of events and programs are making Calgary more inclusive to those who are sensitive to stimulus. The changes include relaxed Santa events and a new Calgary Zoolights experience.
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Calgary's Renaissance Singers and Players celebrate 50 years of keeping tradition alive

Choralist Nicholas Žekulin has sung with Calgary Renaissance Singers and Players for nearly 50 years. He shares his love for the music ahead of the choir's 50th anniversary performance.

Belligerent elk assault unsuspecting people in Banff

After two groups of elk attempted and failed to cross the Bow River in Banff, they have had aggressive encounters with people. One man was bowled over by a female elk. A warning is now in effect in the area.

15 animal rights activists arrested at Canmore-area sled dog protests

Two co-ordinated protests at sled dog tour companies near Canmore by an animal rights group calling themselves 'Liberation Lockdown' led to 15 arrests of members.

Cockroach population explodes in Calgary — and this exterminator knows why

A Calgary exterminator says he's seen a drastic jump in calls about cockroaches this year, saying it's the worst he's ever seen it in Calgary — and he thinks he knows why.

New house prices drop even more in Calgary

The prices of new single-family detached houses in Calgary have dropped even further over the past year, while the number of new houses being built has plummeted by nearly 16 per cent.

Tiny home village for veterans opens in Calgary this week

The Homes for Heroes Foundation has built a tiny home village in northeast Calgary for veterans who need housing and other supportive resources.

2nd shooting of the day sends 1 to hospital in northeast Calgary

Police are investigating after a man was shot at least once in Calgary's northeast community of Skyview.

'Xposed - Humans vs. Planet Earth' art show illustrates human impact on nature

The show allows artists to express how they view humanity's relationship with nature.

Space pianos and upside-down shoes: innovations for life in space

Sands Fish, a researcher and scientist at MIT Media Lab's Space Exploration Initiative, talks designing for the everyday details of life in zero gravity.

Nomadic Swiss cycling family home-schools on the go

The Pasches, a Swiss family of four, including two young daughters, travel the world by bike, with no fixed address, taking lessons from the wide world around them.

Alberta's larches remain a premier travel destination despite snowfall, author says

The snow is melting and you can still hike to see the famous Alberta larches for at least a couple of weeks. In fact, according to a local author, should the area get more snow, the larches will just become more beautiful.

Alberta justice minister seeks review after killer Matthew de Grood gets more freedom

Alberta Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer intends to formally request changes to the standards of release for the Alberta Board, after Matthew de Grood received more freedom.

Community rallies to find missing dogs after fatal crash in southern Alberta

In the wake of a fatal crash in southern Alberta, a community effort to locate two missing dachshunds is giving a grieving husband some comfort.

Calgary Zoo panda twins leaving soon for China

The Calgary Zoo's giant panda twins, Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue, will be leaving the city for a breeding program in China sometime after Oct. 6.