Jen Gerson

Jen Gerson is a journalist, political commentator, and co-founder of the online newsletter The Line.

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OPINION | Done with the political turkeys after the holidays

“Unless our leaders are willing to subject themselves to the same sacrifices, an order built on consensus rapidly devolves into something more tyrannical. ” Jen Gerson on the Alberta politicians fleeing for warmer climates.

OPINION | Kenney's 'Fair Deal' speech may prove to be a watershed moment in his tenure as premier

Jen Gerson argues if Albertans want to move forward with Jason Kenney's proposal — despite the added inconvenience, cost and time — that it could actually be the most straightforward gauge the premier could devise for the "seriousness of the separatist sentiment."

Governing this province should be an honour, not an inheritance

I suspect that the platform the UCP is presenting is built on little more than fear, anger, and wishful nostalgia.” political columnist Jen Gerson on the Alberta election.

The grievances we feel in Alberta are legitimate, but we need to cool our jets: Jen Gerson

Like Brexit, separation has the appeal of self-determination, and of simply giving a giant middle-finger to Ottawa. This is an emotionally satisfying prospect. But then what?

Notley has done the right thing — her mistake was to trust Trudeau

"On the whole, Notley has proven herself a capable national leader during one of the most fraught economic periods of Alberta's recent history," writes Jen Gerson on the premier, the prime minister and oil production cuts.

Oilsands rhetoric: hysterical and misleading in its criticism, glossy and antiseptic in its defence

What Alberta needs is someone to do for the oilsands what Anthony Bourdain did for the seal hunt — paint a moving, sometimes-ugly, but altogether honest portrait of it.

Chopping up the dumbest arguments ahead of the Olympic vote

“I get that the Olympics are a big nostalgia trip for those of you who wore the pin and bought the hat back in 1988. Personally, I was four, but I hear it was quite the party.” Jen Gerson on a potential Calgary Olympic bid.

The Trans Mountain court ruling would have us accept a moral duty we can't yet meet

The ruling goes back to this phrase again and again. The demand for meaning and "meaningful dialogue" without giving us any real guideposts as to how to know we have achieved it. Jen Gerson on the Trans Mountain court ruling.

Trump wants a show with NAFTA, not a deal with Canada

We will therefore need to grow closer to other global powers, like the European Union -— but also countries that do not share our our most fundamental values, like China and perhaps even Russia.” Jen Gerson on the future of Canadian trade.

Trans Mountain is a stick right in the eye of the Liberals' own people

“As it turns out, the Liberals were not the brilliant negotiators they imagined themselves to be,” Jen Gerson says of the federal government's purchase of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

The Alberta NDP is probably toast but here's how they could give themselves a fighting chance

The odds are stacked against them, but the NDP could try a few things "to put a spin on the ball" before the 2019 election, says Jen Gerson.

Trans Mountain and the slow western break from Confederation

"For industry, the failure of Trans Mountain would be a clear indication that Canada is the equivalent of a prevaricating, Third World nation." Jen Gerson on credibility conflicts and threats to Confederation.

Why it's almost impossible to have a rational conversation about pipelines

It's all but impossible to have a rational conversation about how to balance fair economic concerns against real environmental dangers in this country. The discussion is too polarized. The competing camps are too obstinate.

We can't just tell drug addicts to buck up and get their lives together

“While many of us have come around to the idea of drug addiction as a disease — it's a disease where some element of personal responsibility must still play some role." Jen Gerson writes about the complexity of the conversation around supervised drug consumption sites.

Why the rhetoric of federal budget fails the reality of Canadian women

The federal Liberals are developing a reputation for sprinkling sums of cash on programs and ideas that signal their virtuosity, but offers little more beyond a headline. Jen Gerson writes about what the federal budget didn’t offer women.