'Running to destroy the party': PC supporter files complaint about Jason Kenney's leadership bid

A long-time member of Alberta's Progressive Conservatives has filed a complaint, calling on the party to disqualify Jason Kenney from its leadership race.

Candidate's vision runs counter to the PC party's constitution, says member

Jason Kenney is campaigning on a promise to merge the PC and the Wildrose parties, which has sparked a complaint from a member from the PC party, who wants him disqualified. (Mike Symington/CBC)

A long-time member of Alberta's Progressive Conservatives has filed a complaint with the party, calling for the disqualification of Jason Kenney from its leadership race.

Jeff Rath says Kenney has repeatedly violated the rules for the leadership contest by harming the party and its brand.

Kenney is campaigning on a promise that he will seek to unite the PCs with the Wildrose Party so a new unified party can take on the NDP in the 2019 election.

Rath says that vision runs counter to the PC party's constitution.

"He's not running to be the leader of the Progressive Conservative party. He's running to destroy the party so that he can then form a new party that he's going to run and become leader of," Rath said.

"Obviously from my perspective —  being very familiar with the constitution of the party as well as the leadership rules —  that clearly offends the … constitution of the party and the leadership rules."

Rath is calling on the party's executive to hold a hearing this month to determine if Kenney can remain a candidate — or even be a member of the PCs.

Kenney addressed the complaint on Twitter, saying he was "very disppointed."

Rath is a volunteer on Richard Starke​'s leadership campaign, but says he's doing this independently.

A member of the PC's leadership election committee says Rath's complaint is the first one it has received calling for Kenney's disqualification. The complaint will be discussed at a meeting this Sunday to determine how to proceed.