Jarod Henry says he had no idea homicide victim John Herrera Garcia was injured

A second man accused in the brutal beating death of John Herrera Garcia told the jury he had no idea he was injured and didn't contribute to his death.

Henry said the 3 accused only realized seriousness of incident after media reports the next day

From left: Garrett Smith, Chantelle Campbell and Jarod Henry are all charged with second-degree murder. (Facebook)

A second man accused in the brutal beating death of John Herrera Garcia told the jury he had no idea the 49-year-old was injured and didn't contribute to his death.

John Herrera Garcia died from his injuries months after being beaten on May 23, 2012. (Calgary Sun)

Jarod Henry, 25, is charged with second-degree murder alongside Garrett Smith and Chantelle Campbell.

"I never seen no blood that night," Henry testified today.

Herrera Garcia was walking home from the grocery store in May 2012 when he was attacked in the Beltline.

Garcia was taken to hospital but never recovered. He died four months later. 

Henry testified in his own defence today, telling the court he was drinking with a group of friends — including the other two accused — the night Herrera Garcia was attacked.

The three were in a car on 14th Street southwest when they heard a thump. Believing the man had kicked the car, Henry said he got out and chased after him.

Herrera Garcia dropped the groceries he was carrying and the pair tripped over them, falling to the ground, according to Henry.

Closing arguments expected soon

Henry said he got up, kicked Herrera Garcia once in the backside and walked back to the car.

Soon after, the other two who had followed him were back in the car and they drove away.

Smith testified on Monday that he did not participate in the beating and said Campbell kicked Herrera Garcia in the head and face multiple times.

It was only the next day, according to Henry, when the three began seeing media reports about Herrera Garcia's condition that they knew how badly injured he was.

"We all realized it's really serious at that point," testified Henry. He said the three all hoped "buddy pulls through." 

Campbell did not testify in her own defence. Closing arguments will be made on Thursday and the jury will begin deliberations after final instructions from the judge on Friday.