In defence of those weird molasses Halloween candies

The Kerr's Molasses Kiss is the little bonbon that just can’t seem to rise above the bottom spot of our Halloween candy survey.

Kerr's Molasses Kisses ranked dead last in our candy survey

'If you want to work at Kerr's, you've got to love Molasses Kisses,' jokes the president of the Canadian candy company that produces the much maligned Halloween treats. (@KerrsCandy)

Originally published October 27.

Bold. Spicy. Earthy.

It's not the scent of men's cologne or the nose on a robust glass of red wine — but the taste that fills your mouth when you pop a Kerr's Molasses Kiss in your mouth.

Trick-or-treaters either love or loathe the Halloween candies in the orange and black wrappers.

"There's really no in-between. I'm firmly in the love camp, but we know there are a lot of haters out there too," said Ryan Martic, president of Kerr's — the Ontario-based candy company that makes the chewy treat.

But according to our unscientific Halloween candy survey, you don't like them at all. The sweet treat just can't seem to rise above the bottom spot.

The Calgary Eyeopener got Martic on the horn this week to speak in defense of the much maligned bonbon. The following is an edited version of her interview with CBC Radio host David Gray.

Q: Do you actually like them?

I love them. They're delicious.

Q: Are you just saying that 'cause you're president of the company?

I'm not at all. I've loved them since I was a kid and we find that if you love them as adults you loved them as kids as well.


Q: Are there people in your own company who don't like them?

No. If you want to work at Kerr's, you've got to love Molasses Kisses.

No, I'm just kidding!  It's about 50-50.

Q: Right now they are at the bottom of our Halloween candy survey. Is there anything you can say or contribute that could help move them up?

Well Molasses Kisses are a Canadian Halloween tradition, it's one of the great tastes of the season. They're only available for a little while and then they're gone until next year. So there's a huge nostalgia component related to Molasses Kisses and it still even looks the same as it did when you were a kid.

Oh, and I do want to thank you for changing the name [in your survey] from "Those Weird Molasses Candies With the Orange and Black Halloween Wrappers" to "Kerr's Molasses Kisses." We really appreciate the upgrade.

The Kerr's Molasses Kiss is the little bonbon that just can’t seem to rise above the bottom spot of our Halloween candy survey. (Getty Images)

Q: Your company has been around since 1895?

Yes and we've been making the Kisses for 75 years

Q: Was there a heyday? When was the golden age of the Molasses Kiss?

You know what? It's still continuing. We sell out every single year. It's one of those items they look for, they ask us, we're inundated with phone calls and emails this time of year about when to find them. We keep increasing production every year and they sell out every single year.

With files from the Calgary Eyeopener


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