Texas woman sells 500kg housebroken bison on Craigslist

A Texas woman has managed to find someone to take care of her housebroken pet bison ‘Bullet.’

Plenty of interest in 'very affectionate' pet that likes to hang by the pool

Karen Schoeve says Bullet is 'very affectionate' and that they have a 'unique bond.' (Karen Schoeve/Facebook)

A Texas woman has found a good home for her beloved bison, Bullet, after posting an ad on Craigslist.

Karen Schoeve figures she received a lot of interest in her seven-year-old pet because she's unique.

"She actually doesn't think she is a buffalo, she thinks she's a dog, she's very comfortable around people," Schoeve told the Calgary Eyeopener on Monday.

"She'll sit there by the pool and hang out with the adults."

It also doesn't hurt that Bullet is housebroken. Schoeve said she probably picked up that habit from her previous owners, who had her in the house all time.

Schoeve said she never tried to lure her into her own house — Bullet would just come in on her own whenever the wind blew the back door open.

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"I was in the yard and I turned around and Bullet is gone and I thought, 'Where the heck did she go?' Well, she was in my bedroom."

Bullet the bison could often be found hanging out in the hallway of Karen Schoeve's home in Argyle, Texas. (Karen Schoeve/Facebook)

Schoeve inherited the 500-kilogram ungulate after she and her husband split up. The couple was planning to open up a Western-themed corporate retreat centred around an 1880s bordello she bought.

"It didn't work out with him, and I didn't think he was as good a steward as he thought he was, so I felt it was best for Bullet to stay with me."

She says Bullet is "very affectionate" and the two of them have a "unique bond."

Tearing up on the Calgary Eyeopener on Monday, Schoeve said the decision to give up Bullet was extremely difficult, but she could no longer afford to keep her.

Even so, she wasn't just going to give her away to the highest bidder.

"I had one guy offer me as much money as I wanted … I've had sanctuary calls, I've had lots of misunderstandings saying I was abusing a pet."

Schoeve ultimately found Bullet a "very good home" about 12 kilometres down the road from her.

"They've given me a code to the gate, they've invited me to be there everyday, any day that I want to be there."

With files from the Calgary Eyeopener