Hockey Alberta concludes 2020-21 minor hockey season

Young hockey players across the province will have to hang up their skates now that the minor hockey season is officially over.

League games for AAA, AA and Tiered hockey will no longer continue

Youth hockey players on an ice rink.
Hockey Alberta has concluded regular league play for AAA, AA and Tiered hockey. (Lucky Business/Shutterstock)

Young hockey players across the province will have to hang up their skates now that the minor hockey season is officially over.

Hockey Alberta released its decision Tuesday to no longer have league play for the 2020-21 minor hockey season based on the province's COVID-19 health restrictions. 

Rob Litwinski, the CEO of Hockey Alberta, told The Homestretch that they don't believe there's a need to schedule anymore games.

"It doesn't prevent us from doing other things, but we just don't know right now enough about what the future holds."

He says this doesn't eliminate the possibility of a development season happening if restrictions ease, as well as associations across Alberta having a modified set up.

"While this is the end of kind of how we would see regular seasons for many of these leagues, we do recognize that in some parts of our province the ability to continue to play hockey in a modified version is still still alive."

The CEO says while he understands there will be disappointment, he also thinks people were looking for some certainty on the issue.

In terms of fees, Litwinski says it will be up to each association on what they want to do.

"Some we've already heard will probably feel we don't believe we want to continue any further, which will obviously impact how they deal with their participants."

He says while others may look into the possibility of having different activities outside of league games.

"Our associations have been trying to communicate with surveys and with information to their participants."

And while he hasn't given too much thought for the fall season, Litwinski says they're optimistic they can work within the guidelines.

"Even as soon as this spring, there's going to be some possibility of doing some things … But I'm not basing that on any inside information or anything like that."

In a release, Hockey Alberta says a decision on whether Junior B, C, and Female and Senior leagues will continue will be made on Feb. 8.

The Minor leagues decision applies to the following leagues:

• Central Alberta Hockey League (CAHL)
• North East Alberta Hockey League (NEAHL)
• Northern Alberta Interlock (NAI)
• All Peace Hockey League (APHL)
• Rocky Mountain Female Hockey League (RMFHL)
• East Central Alberta Female Hockey League (ECAFHL)
• South Central Alberta Hockey League (SCAHL)
• Northern Alberta Hockey League (NAHL)
• Hockey Calgary
• Edmonton Federation Hockey League (EFHL)
• Rural & Edmonton Minor Hockey League (REMHL)
• Rockies Hockey League (RHL)
• Alberta Elite Hockey League (AEHL)
• Alberta Female Hockey League (AFHL)

With files the The Homestretch