Historic McHugh House to be moved to nearby Calgary park

Calgary city council has voted to save the historic McHugh House by moving it to a nearby park.

6th oldest residential property in Calgary saved from wrecking ball

Calgary city council has voted to move the McHugh house to a nearby park called Humpty Hollow. (CBC)

Calgary city council has voted to save the historic McHugh House by moving it to a nearby park.

The Catholic Diocese wants the home moved off its property on 18th Avenue southwest so it can redevelop the land.

The house is more than a 100 years old and is the sixth oldest residential property in Calgary.

Coun. Evan Woolley says the building will be moved to the nearby — but largely unknown — Humpty Hollow Park.

"So we will come back with a full plan by December on ... where the house will sit, [who] is going to take part ..., who will be potential tenants of the site — all those kinds of questions that need to be asked," he said.

The Diocese wants the home moved by April 6, so the work will have to be done quickly.

"Without having the house on stilts yet, nothing is said and done until it's done, but what council has given us the approval to do is the money to pick the house up and move it and to sign off on any of the paperwork needed to carry forward," said Woolley.

However, Woolley wants to make sure people in the neighbourhood are consulted about the project because there isn't much park space in the Beltline.