Helen Pike


Helen Pike joined CBC Calgary as a reporter in 2018 after spending four years working as a print journalist focusing on urban issues and municipal affairs. She is the southern Alberta reporter for the provincial election. You can find her on Twitter @helenipike.

Latest from Helen Pike

Restaurant 'disheartened' compostable containers end up in the dump

While kitchen scraps and yard waste are OK for the city’s composting facility, some food containers don't make the cut.

5th Avenue S.W. lane reversal to end June 10

The city is ending its four-year experiment with two-way traffic on Fifth Avenue S.W. through the downtown west side.

Mystery ramp must be removed from Auburn Bay park despite community protest

The tiny structure first appeared on the grass of a small park in Auburn Bay back in December. And Jenny Duffield says her kids have loved every minute of it.

Food truck owners frustrated as options to dump wastewater dwindle

In 2013 when the Food Truck Program launched there were 10 locations where both RVs and food trucks could go and dump grey water. The city relied on these private sector facilities.

Polka dots painted on pavement may slow down speeders, experiment suggests

People driving through Bridgeland are slowing down considerably after the community and city banded together to add traffic calming elements — including colourful polka dots — to the popular main drag.

Coal phase-out plan up in the air amid election campaign

Communities and businesses affected by Alberta's coal phase out will be watching election results closely Tuesday, wondering what the results will mean for an industry already in transition.

Indigenous candidates hopeful in Cardston-Siksika riding

The Cardston-Siksika riding was created, in part, to consolidate electoral boundaries in the province’s southwest corner and adjust for a lack of population growth. 

Economy, health care and conservatism are top-of-mind in redrawn Cypress-Medicine Hat

After redrawing the boundaries the Cypress-Medicine Hat riding is an urban and rural blend.

New politician faces off with experienced town councillor in new riding of Brooks-Medicine Hat

A new electoral district in Medicine Hat comes with some political challenges, a political scientist says. Meet the two candidates for the front runner parties.

Calgary business groups propose plan that would lessen their tax burden and make homeowners pay more

Business groups in Calgary are proposing major changes to the way property taxes are collected that would curb the massive increases many business owners have faced in recent years — while increasing the share homeowners must pay.

Firearm advocates say Calgary gun show sets a positive example

Instead of conflating firearms with 'gangbangers' advocates say safe and positive gun culture should be celebrated.

Expert says campaign sign vandalism shouldn't come as a surprise

Provincial election candidates in Calgary continue to experience campaign sign vandalism.

Southern Alberta farmers look for 'communication' and 'recognition' ahead of provincial election

With a provincial election around the corner, farmers are looking for a government they can trust and communicate with.

High-profile conservatives face off in Chestermere-Strathmore

Just east of Calgary there's a battle brewing between two well-known names in conservative politics in the riding of Chestermere-Strathmore.

Ex-UCP board member says he was bullied out of party for helping election commissioner investigation

One of the six individuals who resigned from the Livingstone-MacLeod United Conservative constituency association board last week says was being bullied because of his participation in an investigation involving the party's leadership race.