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Helen Pike joined CBC Calgary as a reporter in 2018 after spending four years working as a print journalist focusing on urban issues and municipal affairs. You can find her on Twitter @helenipike.

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'A lot of us feel like orphans': LGBTQ Christians find refuge at Halifax faith group

The Halifax chapter of Generous Space Ministries is a safe space for LGBTQ Christians, and allies, who've felt rejected by mainstream churches.

Yarmouth hospital has lost 3 of its 4 anesthesiologists

The remaining anesthesiologist at Yarmouth Regional Hospital is now focusing on emergency surgeries and obstetrics, and elective surgeries are on hold.

Training Indigenous doulas is 'an act of reconciliation,' says participant

The Mi'kmaq Child Development Centre is hosting a two-day training session in Halifax that will combine lessons on birth and breastfeeding with cultural practices like smudging.
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Health authority anticipated blowback after cutting online prenatal classes

Nova Scotia is the only province in Atlantic Canada that doesn’t offer universal prenatal education. It's left "a black hole," according to one new parent.

No kidding: N.S. farmer seeks knitted coats to keep her baby goats warm

Heather Squires, who runs Sweetwood Farm near Mahone Bay, is outfitting her herd in tiny, knitted sweaters. It's more than just a fashion statement. It's about survival, she says.

What Halifax might be able to learn from Stockholm about snow clearing

The mayor of Halifax admits the city needs to do a better job of clearing sidewalks of snow after it took the better part of a week to make some ice-clogged areas passable. And he's not opposed to looking across the Atlantic for inspiration.

Despite its name, the winter-loving snow flea is nothing to fear

Entomologist Suzanne Blatt says the snow flea, also known as the springtail, isn't interested in you or your pets.

Prenatal classes at IWK help bring expecting parents out of 'the dark'

The drop-in sessions are helping to fill the void left after the Nova Scotia Health Authority cancelled both in-person and online prenatal classes.

New program to train Indigenous Nova Scotians for cannabis careers

The Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre is partnering with one of the province's first licensed pot producers as it prepares to grow from 25 employees to more than 80 in the next year.

Founder of We Love Nova Scotia fan page created space of beauty, belonging

Peter Kipper was Nova Scotia's unofficial ambassador — and he did it all for free from a computer at his Dartmouth home.

How birch bark and oat bags were used to insulate one N.S. family's home

A new documentary commissioned by the Town of Bridgewater is telling the hidden stories of Nova Scotians living in energy poverty.

N.S. moms question province's decision to scrap online prenatal classes

A Halifax mom says it's hypocritical for the province to scrap its online prenatal classes, citing low numbers, when it's responsible for offering a resource no one wanted to use.
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26 municipal councils gave themselves a raise. They blame Ottawa if that looks bad

The pay increases are meant to help ease the sting of federal taxes changes — but some argue what's really needed is a closer look at how politicians are paid.

Port Medway senior feels 'like a prisoner in my own home' every time it rains

A couple who lives on a rural road in southwest Nova Scotia says the province's efforts to repair potholes has resulted in another, and much worse, problem that still hasn't been fixed.

How a lover of lighthouses made a noteworthy find in his basement

Allen Shepherd discovered 10 notebooks from the Coldspring Head Lighthouse in Cumberland County dating back to 1901.