Helen Pike


Helen Pike joined CBC Calgary as a reporter in 2018 after spending four years working as a print journalist focusing on urban issues and municipal affairs. You can find her on Twitter @helenipike.

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Doctor rescues hiker twice after career-making coincidence

When Dr. Corey Adams performed CPR at the side of a Bow Valley trailhead, he had no way of knowing in the coming days he would meet Darrell Parker again, and save his life for a second time as a patient.

How Parks Canada road closures open opportunities for visitors on two wheels

Drive west on Highway 1 and you will see car after car, carrying bikes as the mountains get close. 

Without Calgary Stampede demand for western displays, window painting at an all time low

Some are still trying to make hay this Stampede season — but enthusiasm for the greatest outdoor show on earth is understandably off to a slow start.

45 residents of this Calgary highrise have caught COVID-19 but outbreak's cause remains unknown

The first Tatjana Dunn heard about an active COVID-19 case in her Calgary condo building was via an email from her landlord on June 10.

Calgary police partner with online bike registry to curb thefts

The Calgary Police Service has partnered with Bike Index, an online bike registry that the city’s cycling community believes could help reunite stolen bikes with their owners. 

Cohort definition changed to help single Albertans stay social — safely

Alison McIntosh said she’d found her groove, balancing social and romantic relationships along with work, volunteering and activism. And then the pandemic hit.

Bragg Creek resident laments loss of connection to Elbow River

Dave Klepacki says it’s emotional to see trees felled and stacked along the banks of the Elbow River — at the heart of Bragg Creek, 44 kilometres west of Calgary.

Calgary bike advocates urge city to invest in infrastructure

Bike stores in the city say they haven't seen this kind of demand since the '70s. But those picking up cycling or dusting off their bikes amidst the pandemic are cycling in a different kind of city.

Not everyone liking expanded patios and sidewalk lanes on 17th Avenue S.W.

Calgary has moved quickly to expand restaurant space by easing the patio application process during the pandemic. But not everyone is happy with the result.

Citizen survey asks if scenic Calgary road should stay closed

Citizens are gauging interest in keeping Crescent Road closed or continuing to limit vehicle access on the street after COVID-19 physical distancing concerns subside.

Supermarket opening makes living inner-city more convenient for Calgarians

Living inner-city usually comes with the notion that you will have it all: walkability, proximity to restaurants and more. For years, Calgarians on the east side of downtown were lacking a full-service supermarket, but now there's a Superstore in East Village.

Grads face degree delays, virtual celebrations and uncertain job market due to COVID-19

Roughly 20,000 Alberta university students are not marking the end of post-secondary degrees this year by walking across a stage in cap and gown. Many also worry about an uncertain job market.

Idea grows from seed to student-led movement to get youth gardening

Free seed kits inspire teens and youth to get outside and garden during the pandemic.

Why experts are cautious but not panicked about 'murder hornets' in Alberta

Alberta’s ecosystem hasn’t been stung by the so-called murder hornet — yet.

Online petition asks city to open more roadway lanes in Calgary for COVID-19 distancing

Project Calgary has launched a petition online to get more streets opened to the public during the COVID-19 crisis.