Hawk the dog joins Calgary police to help traumatized victims

The Calgary Police Service's newest recruit has a skill set unlike any other officer in the city.

Hawk joins Calgary Police Service

10 years ago
Duration 2:32
Featured VideoChief Rick Hanson gives a police badge to Hawk, a specially-trained dog who works with young witnesses or victims of crimes.

The Calgary Police Service's newest recruit has a skill set unlike any other officer in the city.

Hawk is a three-year-old Labrador retriever who is specially trained as a trauma dog to help his human colleagues in the victim assistance unit.

He helps support witnesses and victims of crime — especially children.

"There's things that can be done through animals, through dogs, that just can't be done no matter how hard we try as people," said Chief Rick Hanson. 

"When you're dealing with young kids who have been victimized by adults it's hard for them to connect to another adult, but suddenly something magical happens when a dog like Hawk makes his appearance. I mean it's just immediate trust."

  • Watch the video above as Hanson shares a story of how Hawk helped an 11-year-old victim.

Hawk has been on the job since October, and he has already helped calm a number of people down and encourage them to open up.

Hawk was raised and trained by the Pacific Assistance Dog Society. He is only the third trauma dog of his kind in Canada.