Harnarayan Singh's operatic NHL goal calls find growing love from non-Punjabi hockey fans

They score, he sings! NHL fans are loving the signature goal call of Calgary’s own Hockey Night in Canada Punjabi commentator.

Hockey Night in Canada Punjabi commentator develops following in all languages

Harnarayan Singh does play-by-play for Hockey Night in Canada Punjabi. (Twitter)

When Sidney Crosby scored his first-ever career playoff overtime goal on Monday night, fans went crazy.

It was also an opportunity for Hockey Night in Canada Punjabi's colourful play-by-play commentator, Harnaryan Singh, to flex his vocal chords.

"Sid, the former kid, Crosbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" were the exact words that came out his mouth.

So, how did he come up with such an emphatic, spur-of-the-moment, goal call?

"He isn't a kid anymore," said Singh.

The Calgary-based NHL commentator's enthusiasm scored big on social media, and not just because he single-handedly gave the Pittsburgh Penguins' captain a new nickname.

Hockey fans have taken note of Singh's delivery and how he draws out the last syllable of the last name of the scorer with operatic gusto.

"I've tried to always beat out the goal horn in the arena," he said. "So that's always been a fun little game."

Bonino, Bonino, Bonino!

While Singh is enjoying all the attention he's getting for #SidTheFormerKid, he thinks his #BoninoBoninoBonino goal call "takes the cake."

It first happened on April 28, when Penguins' forward Nick Bonino scored in Game 1 of overtime against the Washington Capitals.

He said the "Bonino, Bonino, Bonino" goal call came about because he made a boo boo in his preparation notes for the game.

"I, for some reason, screwed it up and had Bonino playing at left, centre and at right wing and I only noticed, like, seconds before going to air."

"As the theme music for Hockey Night in Canada was playing, I'm just kind of in my head like, 'Oh that would be hilarious: Bonino, Bonino, Bonino!' And then, lo and behold, later on in the game when he scored, that was in my head and I was so pumped and I was so excited. I just went crazy Bonino."

Harnarayan Singh poses with Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi during the "Hockey Is For Everyone" event in February hosted by the Calgary Flames. (@IceSinghHNIC)