Hannah Kost

Web Writer/Associate Producer

Hannah Kost is an award-winning journalist from Calgary, Alta. She joined the CBC in 2019 as a web writer and associate producer.

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WestJet announces non-stop Dreamliner flights to Rome

Calgarians looking to vacation in Italy will have more travel options to choose from starting this May, when WestJet says it will begin offering non-stop flights to Rome.

Travel Alberta, UCP hope to double provincial tourism revenue by 2030

Some agencies may be concerned about sector revenue after provincial budget cuts, but Travel Alberta doesn’t appear to be one of them. Its president has announced the government plans to help the industry double its revenue over the next decade.

Still hope for X Games, Tourism Calgary says after funding slashed

Tourism Calgary says it is still hopeful there is time to find funding for the X Games after provincial budget cuts endangered the city's commitment to host the winter festival.

Alberta environment ministry slashed by nine per cent as part of budget

Alberta's environment ministry wasn't spared by the government's provincial budget cuts — and an incremental slash to the department's funding is prompting concern from environmentalists that climate change isn't a priority.

Bassano Dam emergency spillway completed

Six years after the flood of 2013 threatened to overwhelm the 100-year-old Bassano Dam, the completion of an integral upgrade to its structure was celebrated at a ceremony in Bassano on Friday morning.

UCP fiscal plan far from an 'austerity budget,' economist says

In spite of steep cuts looming for post-secondary education, forestry and agriculture, a Calgary economist says the UCP's newly-unveiled budget promises only a modest spending reduction for the province of Alberta.

Nenshi comes out swinging against UCP budget

Mayor Naheed Nenshi had strong words about how the long-awaited provincial budget would impact Calgarians after it was finally unveiled on Thursday. 

City removes 60 trees along Canyon Meadows Drive median

For decades, dozens of planted trees struggled to grow from the centre median along Canyon Meadows Drive — or at least, they did until they were chopped down. 

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to campaign in Calgary on Saturday

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will spend one of his final stops in Calgary on Saturday night, making his second visit to the province of the election campaign.

'Get your voices heard': Campaign seeks to drive Canadian Muslims to vote

Featuring "Get Out the Vote" civic engagements and sermons in more than 100 mosques across Canada, the campaign partnered with the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) in an attempt to mobilize Muslim voters in Calgary to hit the advance polls. 

Health experts urge Calgarians to fight flu with early vaccinations

Albertans are being urged by AHS and the provincial government to defend themselves against the season's fevers, sniffles and coughs with the flu vaccine that became available across Alberta this week.

All federal parties respond to city's YYC Matters survey after slow start

Some replies trickled in late, but Mayor Naheed Nenshi confirmed that all five major political parties have responded to its YYC Matters election survey by Thursday evening.

Drag tour aims to slay stigma of what it's like to live with HIV

The tour is an initiative of POZitivity, a campaign that is dedicated to challenging the stigma surrounding people living with HIV, enhancing access to services and testing, and raising awareness about prevention.

'Give us the opportunity,' Calgary disability advocate tells employers

Darby Young was born with mild cerebral palsy and says it taught her early on about the obstacles people with disabilities face in the workforce.

Why the NDP's free transit plan could leave Calgarians with lower emissions but higher taxes

The NDP has pledged to help cities work toward fare-free public transit in an effort to reduce emissions. Freelance journalist Hadeel Abdel-Nabi explored the potential pros and cons of the idea on the Calgary Eyeopener.